Funktsionalim Eestis. Functionalism in Estonia


Viron funktionaalista arkkitehtuuria käsitelleen näyttelyn luettelo.

156 sivua, kovakantinen, viron- ja englanninkielinen
ISBN 9985-9400-2-4
Julkaisija Virolaisen arkkitehtuurin museo (2002)


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In Estonia, functionalist architecture has been highly appreciated and even glorified. Modern achitecture that emerged during the first Republic of Estonia (1918-1940) is often associated with the republic itself.

This is why buildings dating back to those times became such important symbols especially in the Soviet period when they were officially frowned upon; even architectural albums tackling the years 1918-1940 were kept in special inaccessible funds in libraries, and the history of those years was not allowed for research purposes. Architecture itself, however, was still there for all to see, and architects obtained inspiration from it.

The exhibition produced by the Museum of Estonian Architecture was in Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä in 2002.


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