Josef Sudek

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The Czech photographer Josef Sudek is considered to be one of the big names in modern experimental photography. Josef Sudek and Alvar Aalto were contemporaries: they never met, but they both lived in an artistic world that was ashtonishingly similar all over Europe.

Trough the mediation of their friend Lázló Moholy-Nagy, Alvar and Aino Aalto adopted a new way of looking through the lens of the camera. Tilted perspectives, a still-life approach, and playing with light and shade link them to Sudek, whose prints are given an aura of authenticity and a feeling of elapsed time by dust and hairs, scratches and torn background fabric.

Also includes a biography of Josef Sudek.

93 sivua, pehmeäkantinen, englanninkielinen
ISBN 978-952-5371-12-3
Julkaisija Alvar Aalto -säätiö (2003)


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