Architecture by Alvar Aalto 5 Villa Mairea, Noormarkku


The booklets in this series present buildings and groups of buildings designed by Alvar Aalto.

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The building is located solitarily on the summit of a hill near the old industrial centre of Noormarkku and the present head office of the A. Ahlström company. It is surrounded and isolated by a continuous conifer forest.

The centre is formed by a courtyard lawn and swimming pool surrounded on three sides by the living rooms, balconies and saunas etc. The main part of the plan consists of an unbroken room space of approx. 250 m2 to serve the needs of daily life. This space can be divided as desired to form different rooms with thick, absorbent surfaced, movable partions. The movable partitions are also storage closets for the art collection, so that paintings can be easily changed for example only a few paintings can be displayed at one time.

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