Mind and matter


A large selection of art history essays on a wide range of topics.

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This volume brings together eighteen authors, various multidisciplinary methods, and a large selection of essays on a wide range of topics from medieval Madonna sculptures to Swedish design. Mind and Matter is an excellent compendium of materials for anyone interested in art history, visual culture and the history of ideas and ideologies.

Authors: Marta García Carbonero, Hans Dam Christensen, Trine Groene, Anette Hojlund, Katrin Kivimaa, Sari Kuuva, Malene Leerberg, David Morgan, Susanna Pettersson, Anna Ripatti, Elina Räsänen, Eli Heldaas Seland, Naomi Stead, Ari Tanhuanpää, Caty Telfair, Marja Väätäinen, Annika Waenerberg, Jeff Werner and Henrik Widmark.

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