Alvar Aalto Architect volume 20: Maison Louis Carré 1956-61, kovakantinen


Alvar Aallon arkkitehtuurista kertovan, kronologisen rakennusmonografian kahdeskymmenes osa esittelee Alvar Aallon Ranskaan suunnitteleman Maison Louis Carrén.

192 sivua, kovakantinen, englanninkielinen
ISBN 978-952-5498-06-6
Julkaisija Alvar Aalto -säätiö (2020 2.painos)


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After the Villa Mairea, the Maison Louis Carré is the most carefully executed and detailed of the private houses designed by Alvar Aalto.

In her articles, A Home of Design and Art and Living at Maison Louis Carré, Ásdís Ólafsdóttir deals with life in the house and the complex process of designing its interiors, with particular reference to the specially made unique pieces of furniture.

In his essay, ”I speak of what is good”, Esa Laaksonen discusses the architecture of the building as a complete work of art and its relationship to Aalto’s other designs. His analysis largely centres around the hitherto unpublished sketches, working drawings and photographs in the collections of the Alvar Aalto Museum.

Antoine Terrasse describes Louis Carré’s rich and eventful life, a story complemented by Irmelin Lebeer’s interview with the art dealer in the 1960s. The book also presents other works produced by Aalto’s office contemporaneus with the Maison Louis Carré design, 1955-57.

Arne Heporauta’s list of realised and unrealised projects is complemented with Päivi Lukkarinen’s article on the Korkalovaara housing area in Rovaniemi and Mari Forsberg’s article on housing for the Viitaniemi garden town in Jyväskylä, Finland.


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