Architecture + Art. New visions, new strategies

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Papers from the 2nd International Research Conference on Modern Architecture.

203 pages, soft bound, texts in English
ISBN 978-952-5371-26-3
Publisher Alvar Aalto Foundation (2007)

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All building that endures is based on the understanding of time and place, tradition and localness, the strenthening of sensual perception, and how these dimensions are professionally realized. The 2nd International Research Conference on Modern Architecture organized in 2007 by the Alvar Aalto Academy was framed around the theme “Architecture+Art: New Visions, New Strategies.”

In two and a half days the conference brought together art and architectural historians as well as artists and architects to reflect upon and discuss the intersection between the two disciplines. This book can provide its readers with pleasant experiences trough which not only architects, but also visual artists and art users could be inspired to develop the environment towards an intricate and emotionally deeper and subtler reality.

Includes lectures by:
Juhani Pallasmaa, Joan Ockman, Romy Golan, Fernanda Fernandes, Lucy Creagh, Branden W. Joseph, Felicity D. Scott, Larry D. Busbea, Andreas Kurg and Caroline Bos.

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