Ben af Schultén and the Artek tradition

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This publication tells about interior architect Ben af Schultén's career and work at Artek from 1960's until 2004.

80 pages, soft bound, texts in Finnish and English
ISBN 978-952-5371-47-5
Publisher Alvar Aalto Foundation / Alvar Aalto Museum (2008)

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Af Schultén began working at Artek as a summer intern, and went on to rise trough the ranks, ultimately succeeding Aino Aalto and Maija Heikinheimo as Artistic Directors. Artek’s multidisciplinary design approach with its firm focus on visual art resonated strongly with Ben af Schultén.
The publication includes great deal of pictures from the archives of Alvar Aalto Museum, Artek and Ben af Schultén.

All the text used in this work is based on a Master’s Degree dissertation by Marja Kosunen entitled “Artek as a calling and a lifetime’s work. An account of Ben af Schultén’s career at Artek.”

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