Architecture by Alvar Aalto (Japanese version): The Aalto House, Helsinki


The booklets in this series present buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, with introductory texts based either on Alvar Aalto’s own writings or on articles written by architectural experts. The contents are enlivened by photographs and architectural drawings of the buildings then and now. The serie has been published since 1976.

As a young architect in 1925, Alvar Aalto wrote, ” The only proper goal of architecture is: build naturally. Don’t overdo it. Don’t do anything without good reason. Everything superfluous turns ugly with time.” This requirement that Aalto set for architecture was beautifully realised in his own residential and office building which was completed in 1936. He sometimes compared his Riihitie to the old Finnish farmhouse, where a harmonious overall whole is created from simple materials and uncluttered, rather rough methods of buildings.

48 pages, soft bound, texts in Japanese.
ISBN 978-952-5498-39-4
Publisher Alvar Aalto Museum (2015)

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