Architecture by Alvar Aalto 15 Villa Skeppet, Tammisaari


The booklets in this series present buildings and groups of buildings designed by Alvar Aalto.

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To a large extent, The Villa Skeppet follows the housing idea presented by Aalto at the Minimum Apartment exhibition held at the Helsinki Kunsthalle in 1930.

The lower floor of the Villa Skeppet was built of red bricks finished in white roughcast, just like the walls of the Villa Mairea. But when one comes up to the living room one enters an entirely different world. Here the walls are of wood finished with vertical battens like the Finnish pavilion at the 1937 World Exhibition in Paris. The roof, too, is of wood and it rises up at an angle, departing from the smaller scale of the lower floor by being thrust out unashamedly beyond it.

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