OOPEAA. Office for peripheral architecture


Arkkitehtuurin Finlandia-palkinnon 2015 voittaneen toimiston tarina kirjan muodossa

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The story of OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture began in a rural field in Finland, where the now-iconic Kärsämäki Shingle Church was built by hand. In the years that followed, OOPEAA has established itself as one of Finland’s leading architecture companies.

“Theirs is both an inwardly-directed exploration of our cultural heritage and an outwardly-directed examination of the wider world around us”, writes Juulia Kauste (director at the Museum of Finnish Architecure). In a very personal and unique way, their work reflects the values that underlie Finnish modernity and the historical and contamporary context of Finnish architecture.” In text, photographs and drawings, this book traces the office’s development into one of the most innovative architectural practices in the Nordic region today.


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