Inside the Villa Mairea


Laaja teos Villa Mairean sisustuksesta, taiteesta ja pienesineistöstä.

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ISBN 978-952-5371-57-4
Julkaisija Alvar Aalto -säätiö (2009)

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Villa Mairea was built in 1937-1939 in Noormarkku as a modern residence for Maire and Harry Gullichsen, who were ardent lovers and promoters of art and architecture. Progressive and unprejudiced, they were interested in modernist abstract art and utopian ideology. Their friends, the like-minded architects Aino and Alvar Aalto, were asked to design a home for them and given a free hand to experiment. The designing of the Villa Mairea involved intense interaction between the architects and their clients. These propitious conditions generated one of the greatest masterpieces of 20th century architecture and design in which a number of seminal art works and objects became part of the family’s everyday environment.

With its focus on the interiors of the villa, this book deals with the furnishings, works of art and design objects, as well as the underlying ideology of beauty for the everyday. The modern aims and dreams of the clients and the architects, as well as their joint project, the company Artek, interwine in the history of the interiors. The orginal Artekian recipe is visible in the interior ensemble, which is composed of high quality furnishings, skillfully designed utensils, handicraft products and textiles acquired from Finland and around the world – and exquisite international modern art. This Mairean composition, which gradually evolved into its present form over the course of time, creates the unique Villa Mairea tone.

Martti Anhava
Kirsi Gullichsen
Kristian Gullichsen
Carolus Enckell
Ulla Kinnunen
Markku Lahti
Ben af Schultén
Renja Suominen-Kokkonen


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