Pre-seminar excursion from Helsinki to Pori 26.8.2020, 4th Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Network Seminar 2020


The 4th Alvar Aalto Researchers’ Network Seminar is to be held in Pori, Finland, 27-28 August 2020. The theme (EVER)GREEN ALVAR AALTO prompts us to ponder from a variety of perspectives the different aspects of Alvar Aalto’s architectural production, working methods and architectural thinking, and their relevance to the architectural design and culture of the 2020s.

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The Pre-seminar excursion of Aalto sites from Helsinki to Pori is held on Wednesday 26 August 2020 10:00-19:00.

Sites: Studio Aalto and The Aalto House in Helsinki, Paimio Sanatorium in Paimio and Terraced House in Kauttua.


Meeting at Studio Aalto (Tiilimäki 20, 00330 Helsinki) 26.8.2020 at 10:00.

Arrival to Pori (drop to hotels) at 19:00.

Studio Aalto, guided tour+lunch 10:00 11:30
The Aalto House, guided tour 11:30 12:30
Aalto House – Paimio Sanatorium, bus transportation 12:30 14:00
Paimio Sanatorium, guided tour + coffee 14:00 15:30
Paimio Sanatorium – Kauttua, bus transportation 15:30 17:00
Terraced House, Kauttua, guided tour 17:00 18:00
Kauttua-Pori, bus transportation 18:00 19:00


The excursion fee 120 € covers:

  • Guided tours
  • Bus transportation starting from Helsinki and ending in Pori
  • Brunch, coffee and snacks on the way


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