Alvar Aalto Summer Homes


Kirja Aallon suunnittelemista kesäasunnoista.

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There is something essentially Finnish about Alvar Aalto’s summer villas, something modest and informal – something that expresses the traditional Finnish way of spending one’s free time with relatives and friends.

Alvar Aalto Summer Homes presents small, intimate and personal summer houses and saunas designed by Aalto – early works as well as later ones that have been published only rarely. Included are two summer homes that Aalto designed and built for himself: Villa Flora (designed together with Aino Aalto), from Aalto’s early production, and the world-famous Experimental house in Muuratsalo. The Summer homes featured in the book were designed by Aalto for his relatives, close friends or clients for whom he already designed larger commissions. Villa Vekara, The Korpikoto Hunting Lodge, Villa Kihlman, The Enzo-Gutzeit Country Club and Sauna, Villa Eino Manner and Villa Oksala were all individually designed and took into account the wishes of the client.

Alvar Aalto Summer Homes is the third part in the Rakennustieto series of books devoted to Aalto’s housing designs and it complements the picture of an architect who despite his international career preserved a genuine touch for Finnish nature and the Finnish way of life.


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