Alvar Aalto Designer


The first comprehensive illustrated book on the designs of Alvar Aalto.

240 pages, soft bound, texts in English
ISBN 978-952-5498-34-9
Publisher Alvar Aalto Foundation / Alvar Aalto Museum (2014, 4th edition)

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Through the innovations in form and line that were born in his furniture designs, Aalto’s name has also become important in the history of design. Articles written by experts will shed light on many aspects of Aalto’s wide-ranging scope as a designer of furniture, glass and light fittings.
Ásdís Ólafsdóttir: “Known all over the world” – Alvar Aalto as and International Designer
Kaarina Mikonranta: Alvar Aalto – Master of Variation
Pekka Korvenmaa: More light?
Timo Keinänen: Alvar and Aino Aalto as Glass Designers
Catalogue of Alvar Aalto’s Major Furniture Designs
Catalogue of Alvar Aalto’s Glass Designs
Manufacture of Alvar Aalto Furniture
Production of Aalto Vases
Aalto’s Main Building Projects

ISBN 978-952-5498-34-9
Editor. Pirkko Tuukkanen, Alvar Aalto -museo, Helsinki 2014, 4th edition
Soft cover, 240 pages, in english
230 x 290 mm

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