Alvar Aalto 1998


A book published in honour of Alvar Aalto’s 100-year birthday.

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Includes articles of Aalto’s work, an architectural map guide and a list of published writings and project presentations on Arkkitehti-magazine.

Terrain, rememberance and landscape / Tore Tallqvist
Alvar Aalto – a full-lenght portrait / Nils Erik Wickberg
Images of Viipuri library / Wijnanda Deroo
Viipuri library, Alvar Aalto 1927-1935 / Marianna Heikinheimo
Alvar Aalto as a designer of light fittings: Mehr licht? / Pekka Korvenmaa
Light fittings in Alvar Aalto’s architecture / Markku Norvasuo
Toppila – October 1985 / Raimo Ahonen

Alvar Aalto – architectural map guide
Alvar Aalto’s articles and projects published in the Finnish architectural rewiew

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